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Oh, Team Captain my Team Captain

Oh, Team Captain my Team Captain

Oh, Team Captain my Team Captain 

By Ryan Walsh 

This article is the January installment of a monthly column that explores what it means to be one of the Best Places to Work. 

What makes a strong leader?  

This, of course, depends on one’s definition. In the military, great leaders may have strong tactical minds or wield great authority. In the office, a great boss may provide excellent feedback or create a friendly and productive work environment for their employees. 

One quality, however, might be universal across all disciplines – a great leader brings everyone up with them. 

On the battlefield or the board meeting, from the team captain to the regional manager, powerful and competent leadership can make the difference between success and failure.  

For the last 70 years, Gainesville-based CROM Corp. has preferred success.  

“We continue to innovate and transform our mindset to stay current with the emerging needs of the water sector,” said CROM president Bobby Oyenarte, P.E. “This presents many opportunities for our team members to rise and leverage their incredible skills and talents.” 

CROM, which specializes in the construction of prestressed concrete tanks, was certified as one of this year’s Best Places to Work by Quantum Workplace. With their impressive track record of employee development and engagement, it is not hard to see why.  

“CROM presents exciting opportunities to grow, both personally and professionally,” said Oyenarte. “By virtue of our growth mindset, we strive to cultivate future leaders who will continue to grow within our team as the company continues to grow.” 

Oyenarte himself is an example of CROM’s dedication to employee success and leadership development. Part of the company since 1999, Oyenarte started as an area manager and moved up through the ranks until he achieved his current position as president. His own impressive career path is part of what inspires him to encourage others.   

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“Developing leaders within this organization is a passion of mine, and I am blessed to be empowered to continue to lead this fantastic team each day,” he said.  

Of course, CROM did not invent professional development. However, they seem close to perfecting it. Through their process of cascading leadership, CROM encourages leaders by focusing on responsibility over title. This, they believe, provides their employees the best opportunity to showcase their leadership skills through everyday tasks. Therefore, those looking to demonstrate or sharpen these skills can take on new opportunities as they come up. 

Company culture is another major player. In their own words, CROM defines it simply as ‘performance.’ Current and developing leaders at the company exemplify strong performance and exhibit a growth mindset with everything they do. With over 30 departments, each with its own growth opportunities, CROM gives all its employees a chance to shine.  

“Our team members enjoy what they do and the people they work with,” Oyenarte said. “Receiving a [Best Places to Work designation] helps confirm that we are on the right track.” 

As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats. With a company full of leaders like Oyenarte, CROM puts those words into action.  

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