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Baking Cakes and Building Community  

Baking Cakes and Building Community  

Know Your Neighbor: Rebecca Sneed 

By Celia Goodyear 

Good food and good people are two things that can bring a community together and enrich lives with joy. A local businesswoman is using her tasty creations and her commitment to Greater Gainesville to do just that. 

A Sweet Story 

Rebecca Sneed has been baking cakes and creating delicious desserts for a long time. It was a hobby and a side gig when she worked as a paralegal for 20 years. Then, in 2021, after the passion project continued to grow and succeed, she felt it was the right time to quit her day job and go full-time with her small business, Cake Crazzie.  

Today, her company specializes in custom, handcrafted, made-from-scratch cakes.  

“Essentially, I just make cakes and desserts and whatever anybody else needs,” said Sneed. 

For Sneed, one of the best parts of owning Cake Crazzie is working with clients. She enjoys hearing their ideas and then bringing them to life. Some of her favorite collaborative projects have been a 3D pig cake and a 3D Grogu cake.  

“I love being able to be creative,” she said. “I love seeing customers’ faces when I drop off their cake. I love seeing people happy.” 

The High Springs baker specializes in wedding cakes, novelty cakes, cake pops, cupcakes, special occasion cakes, birthday cakes, dessert shooters, cake cups and smash cakes.  

“I love what I do,” she said. “I love creating.”  

Additionally, Cake Crazzie offers a full menu of non-cake desserts for a sweet tooth of a different kind. Those options include: 

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  • brownies  
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  • cobblers  
  • cookies  
  • lemon bars  
  • Southern-style banana pudding   
  • mini donuts  
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  • macaroons 
  • Chocolate Covered Creations: 
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  • chocolate covered/ dipped Oreos 
  • chocolate covered/dipped rice Krispies   
  • chocolate dipped pretzel rods 
  • Perfect Pies: 
  • peanut butter pie  
  • cherry pie  
  • apple pie  
  • lemon meringue pie  
  • key lime pie 

Crazzie for the Community 

Sneed is actively involved with the local community, donating cakes to local fundraisers like those for Sante Fe High School and the cattlemen’s banquet. Her delectable treats will also be on deck this May at the 2024 FIERCE Awards, an annual event that celebrates remarkable and inspirational women in Greater Gainesville. 

She is also a member of the Alachua’s Woman’s Club. The club is a local nonprofit organization that is dedicated to enhancing the community through philanthropic activities and volunteer service for young people, as well as promoting friendship among women.  

When she is not working or contributing to Greater Gainesville, Sneed said she loves planning things and traveling. She also enjoys riding with her husband on his motorcycle and spending time with her son. 

Cake Crazzie can be reached at [email protected], 352-327-0649 or 

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