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Alachua’s Legacy Park All-Inclusive Playground Ribbon Cutting

Alachua’s Legacy Park All-Inclusive Playground Ribbon Cutting

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This morning, dignitaries from the City of Alachua, Greater Gainesville Region and State of Florida came together to officially cut the ribbon and open the county’s first All-Inclusive playground at Legacy Park. As Alachua City Commissioner Dayna Miller said, “All inclusive means that children of all ranges of physical and mental abilities can play together. Special attention was paid to surfaces, equipment, environment and infrastructure.

Speakers included City Manager Adam Boukari, Mayor Gib Coerper and Community Advocate Susan Sloan who approached the city with the idea to create an all-inclusive playground. Attendees included all 5 members of the Alachua City Commission, Alachua Police Chief Chad Scott, State House Representative Chuck Clemons, Alachua Chamber Board Member Ed Potts and Greater Gainesville Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Eric Godet.

Children play on the 160 slide.

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