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Alachua County Education Compact

Alachua County Education Compact

In May of 2015 the Alachua County Education Compact was signed by more than 20 of the region’s business, government, community and education leaders – including University of Florida President W. Kent Fuchs, President of Santa Fe College, Dr. Jackson Sasser, and Alachua County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Owen Roberts. The aim of the Compact is to facilitate the achievement of six goals that would ensure all Alachua County Students:

• Graduate from high school
• Have access to and are prepared for college and/or career success
• Have access to pathways to sustainable jobs and careers
• Develop healthy lifestyle habits
• Develop an appreciation for the arts
• Develop a sense of social responsibility

The Compact – which will augment and help to coordinate existing efforts to facilitate connections between business and academia – seeks to create greater opportunities for students and schools, ultimately benefiting local businesses by creating a talent pipeline and workforce armed with relevant skills, and better prepared to provide and create value for employers.

“A community cannot rise above the ability of its people,” said Alachua County Public Schools Superintendent Owen Roberts. “Here in Alachua County, we have the capacity, brain trust, economic opportunity and heart to create the kind of talent needed to ensure a bright future for our students, children and region.”

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The Alachua County Education Compact will facilitate a systematic and holistic approach to improving education outcomes by focusing on areas including K-12, early childhood education, parent education, higher education, workforce development and career preparedness.

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