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Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom

Invaluable Advice from CPPI’s Corie B. Patton 


What keys would you give the next generation of women in your field to unlock the future of construction? 

Dream Big: 

I’d encourage the next generation to nurture a dreamer’s heart. Growing up, my imagination wasn’t confined to cell phones, digital screens or the number of likes received on an app. It allowed me to mentally visualize the personal and professional goals I had for myself. I urge the next generation to do  

the same – to mentally visualize where they see themselves in the next few years and more importantly, stay open to new challenges and opportunities, for they may pave the way to unforeseen opportunities. 

Swim in Blue Waters: 

A valuable piece of advice from an industry colleague years ago stuck with me – to always swim in blue waters. This advice serves as a constant reminder to focus on one’s own journey and to avoid comparing oneself to others. Maintaining tunnel vision on personal and professional growth yields the most rewarding results and this is achieved with diligent preparation, determination and a commitment to self-improvement. 

Be Passionate and Ask Questions: 

True passion lies in the relentless pursuit of improvement and growth. Don’t be afraid of asking questions about things you don’t know. Speak up when you feel passionate about something, and do not let others make you feel bad for being passionate about what you believe in. I’ve learned that speaking up, regardless of hierarchical barriers, fosters invaluable connections and mentorship opportunities. You never know the relationships you will build in the process. 

Set Goals and Leave Room for Margin: 

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Set goals for yourself and hold yourself accountable, but make sure to leave a little room for margin in your life. While it’s important to plan, leaving margin allows you to be surprised by what was not in your original plan. 

Be Present in Each Stage: 

Frequently, individuals are eager to leap into the next promotion or believe their title should reflect a higher level. However, they often overlook embracing and mastering their current stage in their career. Allow yourself to be immersed in each phase of your career journey, ask for additional responsibilities along the way and become the subject matter expert in that particular stage. 

Embrace Intentionality: 

Be intentional in every aspect of your life – from your thoughts, your work and your relationships, to the connections you cultivate along your journey. Most importantly, be judicious with your time, recognizing it as your most valuable asset. In today’s fast-paced world, I’ve come to realize that it’s perfectly acceptable to navigate through different seasons in your career. My current role and as a working mother of three is vastly different from where I stood 15 years ago, and that’s okay. Embracing each season of your career is not only rewarding, but essential for a fulfilling professional journey. 

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