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Women Climbing the Labor Force Ladder 

Women Climbing the Labor Force Ladder 

The face of the workforce in the United States has changed dramatically over the years. Where men once left for work, leaving their wife waiting at home, roles have shifted and gender norms have been challenged. Now, women have stepped into the working world and are leading board rooms, passing legislation, teaching college classrooms and employing millions every day.

1.The U.S. labor force consisted of 157,130 people in 2015, with 73,510 of the labor force being women. Of the women who are able to work, 57% percent of women participate in the labor force. SOURCE:

2. Accounting for women in the labor force, 20% of software developers, 26% of chief executives, and 33% of lawyers were women. 90% of registered nurses, 8% of elementary and middle school teachers, and 63% of accountants and auditors were women. SOURCE:

3. As of 2016, trade, transportation and utilities is the second largest employer of women in the United States. SOURCE:

4. When it comes to women in politics and in office, women hold 104 of the 535 seats in the 114th U.S. Congress, in 2017. They also hold 21 seats of the 100 in the Senate and 83 of the 435 in the House of Representatives. SOURCE:

5. According to Bank of America’s Spring 2014 Small Business Owner Report, in the last five years about 40% of women surveyed started running their business, and 70% of those women expected their revenue to increase. SOURCE:

6. According to the BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneurs report, women entrepreneurs are making most of their money in the retail sector, professional services: consulting, accounting or law and fashion. SOURCE:

7. Companies run by women entrepreneurs had 13% higher revenues than those run by men. SOURCE:

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8. According to the 2016 State of Women-Owned Business Executive Report, there are 11.3 million women-owned businesses in the United States that are creating revenues of over $1.6 trillion and employing 8.9 million people. SOURCE:


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