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Why Greater Gainesville?Nadia Alcide

Why Greater Gainesville?Nadia Alcide

Nadia Alcide 
Founder, Simply Sociable
Came to Gainesville in 2007
Moved away for 3 years and returned in 2015


What about Greater Gainesville stood out when comparing it to your other options?  

As a family, we love all that Gainesville has to offer. It has a mix of local flair with a distinct culture and unique academic opportunities for those who are interested. In addition to these attributes, we appreciate its proximity to nature and encouragement to maintain an active lifestyle. Last but not least, it’s the right size for our family. We can visit the bigger cities whenever we please but just knowing how comfortable Gainesville feels, we’ve parked ourselves right here. 

What is your favorite local food? 

My guilty pleasure is definitely sweets and a lovely dinner. I love going to the farmers market for a Gruyere croissant at Vine’s booth. I love Sweet Dreams Ice Cream, especially their Grape Nut. My favorite local dinner food is from the Top, their Brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes are amazing.  

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Describe your ideal day in Greater Gainesville.

An ideal day: Hitting the gym at GHFC, then going for breakfast at a local spot, usually Emiliano’s. After that, a stroll down to Depot Park for some family time. Once we are done there, we’d stop by Sweet Dreams for a late afternoon treat. 

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