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Why Greater Gainesville – Marcia Conwell

Why Greater Gainesville – Marcia Conwell

Marcia Conwell

President and CEO, Bread of the Mighty Food Bank


Came to Greater Gainesville in 1975


What is your favorite local food?    

I like the availability of all the fresh vegetables.

When friends or family come to visit, where is the first place you take them?

I take family and friends to the springs and the beaches.

Describe your ideal day in Greater Gainesville. 

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My ideal day would be lunch at the Metro Diner, then off to one of the area parks, then to Town of Tioga to mingle with friends in the open air facilities.

What is your favorite time of year and/or favorite weather conditions?

Summer. I love the weather even though it is hot.

Where do you go to escape into nature?

I like to go to the Springs.

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