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Why Greater Gainesville? Eric Godet

Why Greater Gainesville? Eric Godet

Eric Godet
President/CEO, Greater Gainesville Chamber of Commerce
Came to Greater Gainesville in 1993

What is your favorite local food?   

I seem to spend a lot of time at Mojo’s now that I work so close. But for me, it’s really between Taste, Mojo and Crane Ramen. When someone comes to town for a visit and we want to show off the city, though, we’ll take them to Dragonfly.

Where do you go to escape into nature? 

There are a lot of trails near my home, but the San Felasco trails are by far my favorite. I love being out there early in the mornings, when you can stumble across deer, turkey and other wildlife.

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Describe your ideal day in Greater Gainesville.

Game days in the fall are just perfect here. I start the day at Gainesville Health & Fitness, where I work down the guilt I’ll feel at my next visit, which is to Cracker Barrel for their amazing pecan pancakes. Then I’ll get ready for the tailgate, and of course watch the Gators win. We tend to be one of the last to leave our tailgate section, so most game days end there. We know how to have a good time win or lose, but these days, with a lot more wins than losses, the end of the day might just be even sweeter than the pancakes I enjoy at the beginning.

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