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Why Greater Gainesville?

Why Greater Gainesville?

Dug Jones
Associate Vice President for Economic Development, Santa Fe College
Came to Greater Gainesville in 1979

What is your favorite local food?

There are lots of great places, but Ballyhoo is probably my favorite.

What is your favorite time of year and/or favorite weather conditions?

Despite the problems with traffic, I love the beginning of the fall semester because of the energy. I also enjoy graduation week because of the sense of accomplishment so many people are feeling. We are blessed to have both good weather and great sports year-round.

When friends or family come to visit, where is the first place you take them?

That depends on their interests. Alachua Sink, Ichetucknee Springs, butterfly garden. Way too many choices to choose one.

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Describe your ideal day in Greater Gainesville.

Grilled chicken in my backyard after a great time at a Gator sporting event.

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