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Why Greater Gainesville?

Why Greater Gainesville?

Brittany Ferguson
Rebel Support Leader, Nerd Fitness
Came to Gainesville in June of 2004 to attend UF

What about Greater Gainesville stood out when comparing it to your other options?

The University offered the degree and specific track for editing that I was pursuing, and I knew that a degree from UF would stand out to future employers. The campus and town also reminded me of my hometown in Norman, OK where the University of Oklahoma is located, which also helped influence my decision.

What is your favorite local food?

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This isn’t really a fair question… Gainesville has so many great places to offer for food and my list of recommendations for visitors to Gainesville continues to grow. On my mind at this moment, I’m craving the vegan mac and cheese from Curia Off the Drag. At least once a week, I’ll pick up lunch from Tamal – Rachel makes tamales that are on par with what my grandmother used to make. The Carolina-style pulled pork sliders from the Boxcar Wine & Beer Garden are also really good. If I’m being healthy, I’ll get a Top salad with seared tuna or blackened salmon.

Describe your ideal day in Greater Gainesville.
I always have a hard time picking one thing to do on some weekends, so here it goes:
Wake up and get a breakfast sandwich from Ward’s to pair with a homebrewed coffee while sitting under the shade at The Duck Pond; head out to La Chua for a couple hours and wander off on the side trails; check out the Gainesville Indie Flea at Depot Park (during the hotter summer months it’s been at the Wooly); grab a bite from Humble Pie or Pop a Top General Store; enjoy some wine or sangria at the Boxcar while listening to music; get in a walk around the Depot trail right at sunset.

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