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Why Greater Gainesville – Anthony Lyons

Why Greater Gainesville – Anthony Lyons

Anthony Lyons

City Manager, City of Gainesville

What if you arrive at a parking meter in downtown Gainesville and realize you have no change? Suppose you’ve forgotten your sunscreen while at Possum Creek Park on a typical sunny day in Gainesville? Maybe it’s after hours and you need information about the city budget?

In each of the above instances, Gainesville residents are not inconvenienced. Simply download the city of Gainesville PassportParking app and pay the parking meter using a mobile application. Our Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department, in partnership with IMPACT Melanoma has installed Bright Guard sunscreen dispensers for public use at 50 locations this summer, including parks, pools, athletic fields, trails and more. Gainesville’s Open Budget tool, located at enables citizens to review details of the city budget 24/7.

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These small interactions between our citizens and their city government are repeated in thousands of different ways each day. My job and that of more than 1,400 general government employees is to make Gainesville the most citizen-centered city in the nation. We’re committed to doing that by making each citizen’s experience with their city government the most important thing we do. Please let me know how we can make your experience with the city better at

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