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UF Innovate

UF Innovate

Transitioning research discoveries into real-world solutions

At UF, our researchers focus on translational research, otherwise known as “bench to bedside” research. They make breakthroughs and develop new technologies in the lab with an eye on finding solutions to problems in the real world. This intent to move discoveries into the marketplace where they can make the world better has resulted in one of the best technology licensing offices in the country – UF Innovate | Tech Licensing.

Tech Licensing is responsible for brands such as Gatorade and the termite-elimination system Sentricon, and medical wins such as the glaucoma drug Trusopt, the blindness-reversing gene therapy Luxturna, and the imaging and radiation combination for targeted cancer therapy by ViewRay. The office works with every department at UF, sheltering UF intellectual property and connecting our innovators with investors and industry partners. The office is but one part of an entire innovation ecosystem under the UF Innovate umbrella. Together Tech Licensing, Ventures, the Collaboratory for Women Innovators, and two business incubators, Sid Martin Biotech and The Hub, provide the five elements critical for innovation: facilities, capital, management talent, intellectual property, and technology transfer expertise.

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In 2020, the George W. Bush Institute and the Opus Faveo Innovation Development consulting firm ranked the University of Florida No. 1 nationally in innovation impact. In the study, a team of economists and business development experts ranked 195 universities for innovation impact. The study pointed to the significant benefit innovation activity brings to the universities, the localities in which they reside, the national economy, and society as a whole.

Also in 2020, UF Innovate | Sid Martin Biotech was named the top global incubator for the third time. The International Business Incubation Association (InBIA), which represents a global network of incubators, accelerators, and entrepreneurship centers in 62 countries, considers the Randall M. Whaley Global Incubator of the Year its highest honor. Sid Martin Biotech received the honor in 2013 and 2017 as well.

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