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Transforming Pain Into Purpose: Edvin Bryce Dix CDC

Transforming Pain Into Purpose: Edvin Bryce Dix CDC

Gainesville family uses industry experience and passion for service to honor son’s memory

Each morning a successful Gainesville real estate broker and busy mother fastens a delicate bracelet with special significance around her wrist.  The custom-designed piece of jewelry with a name engraved in elegant lettering is a way to stay connected to the son she has privately grieved for 17 years.


Edvin Bryce Dix


In April of 2006, Niya and Edwin Dix welcomed premature twins, a girl named Emya Brianne and a boy named Edvin Bryce. Soon after, their newborn son died while their daughter remained in the neonatal intensive care unit. They had the unimaginable task of caring for one baby while mourning another.


The Dix family was blessed with a second daughter, Eryn Bailee, in 2007. The spelling of each child’s name was carefully crafted to connect the family members. The letters in Niya’s name are woven into those of her children, while their three initials, EBD, match Edwin’s.


Seventeen years later, Niya and Edwin continue the family’s connection by giving back to the community in Edvin’s honor.  At first, Niya was reluctant to use her son’s name for the nonprofit. She thought it would be too painful to say it out loud every day, but she has found fulfillment in creating his legacy.


At their inaugural Community Impact Event on September 17th, the Edvin Bryce Dix Community Development Corporation helped an elderly woman in the City of Alachua who lacked the resources to care for her home. The Dix family and a team of dedicated volunteers arrived with a truck full of donated paint and supplies, pruning tools and professional equipment. Niya mowed the lawn while Edwin operated the tractor that filled a dumpster with debris.


“This work is done out of love and helps give people in need a sense of pride in their neighborhood,” Niya Dix said. “It makes me happy to do great, generous things in his name.”



Industry Expertise


Niya Dix is the president of Royal Realty, the only independent, black-woman-owned brokerage in Gainesville. Her and her husband partner to operate E.N.I. LLC, which specializes in remodeling, rehabbing and building spec or custom homes and buildings. Edwin’s career in real estate development has been dedicated to improving neighborhoods and opportunities for home ownership, particularly in East Gainesville.


A CDC was a natural way to combine decades of industry experience with a shared commitment to improving access to affordable housing. Their passion for helping those facing financial instability is driven by the goal of making all three of their children proud.


Edvin Bryce Dix Community Development Corporation

The Edvin Bryce Dix Community Development Corporation is focused on strengthening Alachua County and surrounding counties. They are committed to:


  • Affordable Housing In partnership with community organizations, builders and developers, the EBD CDC encourages new construction of affordable housing and offers down payment assistance.
  • Homebuyer Education First-time homebuyer workshops guide prospective buyers through each step. The free seminars include speakers with expertise in each phase.
  • Community Impact Events Volunteers assist with landscaping, exterior painting and repairs. Foundation resources connect homeowners in need with other housing organizations for further support.
  • Educational Scholarships The Edvin Bryce Dix Memorial Scholarship provides financial assistance to youth in the community pursuing college education. The grant will give between $1,000 to $10,000 to a Florida student each year.

Emya Brianne Dix


Emya, a senior at P.K. Yonge High School and a busy cheerleader, is currently reviewing the applications for the scholarship. The Dix family finds it healing to support another student in their son’s memory as their daughter prepares for her college career. They have asked Emya to choose the recipient.

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Niya sees this process as an impactful way for her daughter to stay connected to the twin brother she lost. A fundraising gala scheduled for October 2024 will help fund the annual initiative.


“I’m honored to be responsible for something that represents my brother and my family well,” said Emya Dix. “I know he would be proud, too, of what we are doing in his name.”


To donate, volunteer or submit a request contact

Edvin Bryce Dix Community Development Corporation

Call: 352-559-2523

Email: [email protected]

Visit to learn more about upcoming first-time home buyers workshops, community impact events and fundraisers.


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