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Summer Skin Care

Summer Skin Care

At Pure Aesthetics, we believe in caring for your skin during each season to provide optimal health and overall appearance. Here are a few key products and services we have found that work best for our clients during the summer.

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In efforts to take care of your skin best in the summer, a good sunscreen is number one. Anything over 45 SPF with UVA/UVB protection is key.

One of our favorite day-to-day sunscreens is Smart Tone by ZO Skin Health. It is an everyday favorite because it has a new technology that protects from harmful blue lights emitted by computers, tablets and phones. It also offers nice, light daily protection and a moisturized glow.

Looking for something that is mineral based, chemical free and lasts a long time? SkinBetter is it. We love this new product because it is long-lasting, water resistant and sweatproof. It also offers long-lasting, chemical-free SPF protection. SkinBetter is a fan favorite within the Pure Aesthetic office because of its compact design. It goes on like makeup but is still light in weight and color. SkinBetter offers tinted and clear versions.

While protection is the main concern during summer, hydration along with cleansing and exfoliation is very important.

skincare at pure aesthetics, summer cleansing

We sweat more during the summer months, especially here in North Central Florida. When we sweat, our skin and body can become dehydrated. Drinking lots of fluids, especially water is helpful.

Another great option for body and skin hydration, anti-aging and healthy skin from the inside out is Skinade. We have been carrying Skinade for over five years and really see value in this collagen water. The vitamins make you feel better, and your skin thanks you as well. When your skin is hydrated, you will notice more plumping, less fine lines and wrinkles and an overall fresh appearance.

Cleansing and exfoliation are key. With all of the sweating and sunscreen, skin can become quite congested. Having a good deep clean and exfoliation once a month will help keep skin feeling and looking its best.

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At Pure Aesthetics, we offer a variety of options so we can customize our clients on an individual basis. Having multiple options is also key to prevent skin from hitting a plateau. The Geneo Oxygenation Facial, HydraFacial and DiamondGlow are just a few of our options for a deep, exfoliated cleanse that will leave skin feeling fresh and renewed.

Last but not least, a product to help undo the old sun damage, as well as preventing any future sun damage, is Vitamin C.

It brings a ton of antioxidants, protection and prevention — not to mention a healthy glow.

By Carissa Blaser

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