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Small Business Q&A: Backstreet Blues Catering

Small Business Q&A: Backstreet Blues Catering

Backstreet Blues Catering

Business Description: Gainesville-based catering company.

Name and Role in Business: Ed Lyons, Owner

Year Established: 2008


Who or what influenced you to start Backstreet Blues Catering?

Just getting the “same ole thing” from every caterer out there influenced me. I love good food, good music and a fun atmosphere. That’s what motivated me to start my business: the love of food, hospitality and quality ingredients. Quality is our compass.


What sets your catering business apart from others in the industry?

We are armed with a 40-foot mobile kitchen, which enables us to make the food fresh on site while focusing on our quality. Our menus are different, too. Being a custom caterer (means) we can fit any client’s needs and budget, from a dinner of two to 1000. We don’t just give you the same old things that most do out there. It’s fresh from our kitchen to your table.

I like to learn about the client’s event, what they are doing, if they have a favorite food or theme. Then, I go to work creating fun, flavorful menus.


Where do you see your business in five years?

I see it as being the premier catering company in the area. When clients want good quality food and service, I want them to think of us first. Also, I would like to open up a conference center to encompass our quality of food and service and offer Gainesville another choice in meeting space.


What is one thing most people do not know about your business?

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We will customize every event and menu to fit the client’s needs; from the menu, tables, chairs, linen and flatware, we do it all. I don’t own any freezers because we make all food fresh for each event and I do not believe in frozen processed foods to serve to our clients. Finally, we offer free delivery in the area.


What qualifications or experiences set you apart?

I am a certified executive chef with 28 years of experience, a former White House Naval Chef and I have been doing catering my entire life. I have been to every country but India and China, and I bring all the culinary influences that I have learned to the table.


If you could have dinner with one person, who would it be and why?

It would actually be two: my Dad and my grand-mommy. They both were big influences on my culinary career and me. They aren’t with me anymore, but I know they would be proud of what we have accomplished.


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