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Six Break Room Belly Busters to Take to Work Today

Six Break Room Belly Busters to Take to Work Today

Believe it or not, your job may be the reason you’ve packed on a little weight. With a clear vision and a simple plan, we might be able to turn things around for you and your co-workers. Let’s face it: most grown adults are either struggling to maintain a healthy weight or are fighting to lose some pounds. It’s NOT thoughtful to constantly bombard each other with enticing foods packed with fat and calories. Start by sharing this article and agree to make better break room choices for the greater good.

  1. Ditch the idea of bringing in a cake for each employee birthday. Instead, have a monthly celebration.
  2. Stock vending machines with healthy items like trail mix, baked chips and waters instead of cookies, candy and soda.
  3. Ban doughnuts from the break room. Bringing in a box from the bakery is not a generous gift to colleagues. Encourage the sharing of seasonal fruit like apples, oranges and bananas instead!
  4. If your office welcomes salespeople like pharmaceutical reps, request fruit baskets instead of muffins.
  5. Post healthy recipes or fitness themed motivational quotes on bulletin boards in the break room. Everyone can use a little inspiration.
  6. Plan a healthy potluck luncheon every now and then. Share recipes and chat about your healthy choices. I do this with corporate fitness clients and it genuinely builds a high level of support amongst each team.


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