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Security System 411

Security System 411

Q:  Do I need to keep a landline phone in order to have monitored security?

A:  No. Wireless technology is now available for security, and the best part is that with this technology, you can control your security system from any smartphone or computer with an internet connection. You can even include multiple cameras in your facility with live viewing directly from your smartphone. As a business owner or manager, this allows you the freedom to step away from the office and still be able to see what’s happening onsite. You can even get text messages or emails when certain zones are opened or closed, along with when and who turned the system off and on. Most interactive systems allow you to easily control who in your organization has user codes to arm or disarm the system, and these settings can be changed at any time, so it’s easy to add or delete an employee from the list.


Q:  What about Commercial Fire Systems?  Do I still need the two phone lines to be in compliance with the fire marshal?

A:  No. With a radio monitoring system you can eliminate those phone lines, be in full compliance and enjoy a substantial annual cost savings. The signal transmission with radio monitoring is within one to three seconds, which is really amazing.  Landlines take 25 to 45 seconds to communicate with a monitoring facility, and a fire doubles in size every 30 seconds. So with radio monitoring, you get the fastest signal transmission available, stay within full compliance and save a substantial amount of money by eliminating the cost of the two phone lines.


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Q:  I’m researching different security companies in the area.  What should I look for?

A:  Look for a company that has been in business a while. Companies that provide poor service usually don’t last long. It’s always a good idea to ask for local testimonials from satisfied customers in the area. Also, be sure you know where their monitoring facility is, and if they are UL listed with a 5 Diamond Certification from the Central Station Alarm Association (this certifies that each operator has been fully trained to the highest industry standards.) If the monitoring is not being done locally, or they are not certified, you will want to know that upfront. Finally, if you get more than one bid on a security job, be sure to compare apples to apples on the equipment and service you’re getting—don’t just take the sales consultant’s word for it.

Bobby McAfee is Marketing Director for Crime Prevention Security Systems and Custom Home Entertainment.

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