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Resources for Dual-Career Couples

Resources for Dual-Career Couples

Support Network Created to Help Dual-Career Couples Relocate to Greater Gainesville.

Two areas of support are provided to the partner and family of a new hire to Greater Gainesville:

1. Career Support:

  • Career counseling
  • Formal career assessments
  • Dedicated efforts to identify local career opportunities
  • Preferred exposure to the region’s hiring agents
  • Network of business partners committed to dual career and transitional support efforts

2. Practical Support:

  • Relocation and new resident materials
  • Arrange for tours of Gainesville for spouses/ partners while candidates are interviewing
  • Opportunities to connect with the community and groups of interest
  • Information on community activities, professional associations, clubs, entertainment and volunteer opportunities

Recruiting top talent can be difficult given the challenges associated with relocating dual career couples and families. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, two-thirds of families rely on dual incomes, which makes it harder to attract and retain top talent especially in smaller, non-urban communities.

Gainesville’s Dual Career Partner and Relocation Support Network was created as a centralized system to provide relocation information to dual career partners and families, introduce them to job opportunities in the area, and develop a single point of contact for new transplants and partners to get support during their move to our region.

The employer-sponsored fee-for-service program reduces the time, cost and frequency of hiring for employers and gives career and practical relocation support for new hires. The newly hired employee will know that while he or she is getting settled in their new job, his/ her family has dedicated community resources to support their transition.

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For more information, please contact Nancy Halbrook, the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce’s Dual Career Program Manager, at

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