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Purpose 20: Satchel’s Pizza

Purpose 20: Satchel’s Pizza

The Center for Leadership and Service at the University of Florida created the Purpose 20 Awards to honor the contributions made to Alachua County by local for-profit businesses. These 20 businesses provide invaluable cash and in-kind donations while supporting the community with efforts in environmental sustainability, serving as role models for change within the community and encouraging staff members to give their time to local causes. All of this work often goes unrecognized. The Center for Leadership and Service hopes that by recognizing these businesses, we inspire others through their example and demonstrate that business is about more than making a profit — it is also about having a purpose to build a better community.

Satchel’s Pizza has come a long way since it’s founding in 2003, both aesthetically and in terms of its impact on the Gainesville community. At Satchel’s, you will find great people making great food while also supporting great causes. Satchel’s Pizza gives back to the community in more ways than one. The company practices environmental sustainability by using cleaning products from indigo and rain barrels, grow their own basil and shitakes and purchase as much local produce as they can. Satch Grants, as they call them, is a program they’ve created to donate to diverse local nonprofits that provide charitable, environmental or educational services to the people of Alachua County. They believe nonprofits know best about how to serve the community, so giving to them is key. The program has helped well over 200 local organizations, and in 2014 alone, the company gave over $33,000. Satchel’s is cash only, and they recycle their ATM fees by giving them back to nonprofits that apply to receive the extra donations. Satchel’s is a part of Gainesville, and Gainesville is a part of Satchel’s.

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