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Purpose 20: Cymplify

Purpose 20: Cymplify

The Center for Leadership and Service at the University of Florida created the Purpose 20 Awards to honor the contributions made to Alachua County by local for-profit businesses. These 20 businesses provide invaluable cash and in-kind donations while supporting the community with efforts in environmental sustainability, serving as role models for change within the community and encouraging staff members to give their time to local causes. All of this work often goes unrecognized. The Center for Leadership and Service hopes that by recognizing these businesses, we inspire others through their example and demonstrate that business is about more than making a profit — it is also about having a purpose to build a better community.

“For us, it’s simple: We grew up here, we still live here, and everything we do is because we want to spend time together and make the community, and ourselves, a little better in the process.”
– Dave Neal, co-owner

Cymplify began its business in 2012, with the principal mission to support its community and have a good time doing things that matter. Cymplify focuses on building programs around community, camaraderie, personal growth, families, fun, great food and world-class music. In addition to regular workshops, speakers and open-mic nights, the company is best known for its music festivals and food truck rallies that raise awareness and funds for numerous community groups, including the Humane Society, Haven Hospice, Boys and Girls Club, UF’s Dance Marathon, River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding and more. In 2015, Cymplify published “Change Your Mind,” a book and workshop designed to help individuals and groups think better, feel better, and be better participants in their own lives and communities.

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