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Numbers & Dollars & Sense – Back to School

Numbers & Dollars & Sense – Back to School

Numbers Dollars and Sense -Back to School


  • In 2022, the backpack market had a global worth of $15.9 billion
  • Approximately 58% of consumers between the ages of 18-34 own a backpack


  • Households spent around an average of $864 on school supplies during the 2022-2023 school year
  • In 2022, 64% of consumers planned to shop for school supplies around retailer sale events


  • 57% of people prefer to use mechanical pencils over the 43% that prefer to use wooden pencils


  • There are 64 schools that are a part of Alachua County Public Schools
  • 28,300 students are enrolled amongst these schools


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  • The average student to teacher ratio for Alachua County Public Schools is 18:1


  • In 2022, 52% of students used e-textbooks


  • The two-week back to school tax holiday offers Florida parents and guardians around $100 million in tax relief
  • There are around 170 items that are tax free during this holiday

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