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NFRMC’s Neurosurgical Dream Team

NFRMC’s Neurosurgical Dream Team

The GE biplane, in the new Neuro Interventional Suite at NFRMC, provides high definition 3D imaging and low-dose fluoroscopy and drastically reduces the patient’s treatment time.

Beyond the certifications and outstanding achievements, North Florida Regional Medical Center (NFRMC) takes pride in its high level of quality care and service. Drs. Gregory T. Sherr, MD, MPH and Asif Khan, MD, along with their support staff, are part of the neurosurgical dream team that contributes to the hospital’s high standards. Experts in brain, spine and cerebral vascular services, they offer tumor removal, spinal de-compressive and reconstructive procedures, trauma-based injuries, neurosurgical critical care and both minimally invasive and open aneurysm procedures, among many other services.

Sherr, MD, MPH, NFRMC’s neurosurgery medical director, is an accomplished neurosurgeon with special experience in building trauma, complex stroke and vascular programs. His primary specialties include aneurism clipping, tumors, neuro-oncology, complex spine issues and peripheral nerve surgery. With a background in technology and public health, Sherr is accomplished in performing surgeries in all subdivisions of neurosurgery and all phases of care for stroke and trauma patients.

Khan, MD, made his way to NFRMC after spending time at the Brain and Spine Center in Illinois and Centracare Clinic in Minnesota. He specializes in interventional and vascular neurology. His primary specialties include aneurysm treatment, spinal pain injections, stroke neurology, stenting and minimally-invasive pain procedures.  Khan’s published research includes studies in endovascular intervention in stroke and optic neuropathy in post-cardiac transplants.

Sherr and Khan recently collaborated in an awake craniotomy, an open-brain surgery in which the patient was completely conscious. Their expertise allowed the patient to recover quickly enough to be discharged within 24 hours of surgery. Yet, it is their poise, devotion and approachability that differentiate them.

Shortly after sneezing, Connie Shrum developed a debilitating headache that wouldn’t subside.  She visited a local emergency room and waited over 7 hours to be seen before Connie and her husband decided to visit the emergency room at NFRMC, where the wait time was 7 minutes. Within 2 minutes of her arrival, Connie was rushed in for a CT scan that detected a brain aneurysm.

It was Sherr and Khan’s clinical gift that saved Shrum’s life, but their confidence and friendliness is what Shrum admired most about the duo. She claimed Khan’s quiet confidence reassured her that she was in the right place, while Sherr’s friendliness made her experience personable. After Shrum joked that she missed her favorite fried chicken dinner because of the surgery, Sherr walked across the street to buy and hand-deliver dinner for Shrum.

“I doubt that there’s any other neurosurgeon in the world that has done that for one of their patients,” said Shrum. “At North Florida, your whole experience is different.”

NFRMC has recently been certified as a comprehensive stroke center, the highest achievable level of the stroke care program. Unlike a primary stroke center, a comprehensive stroke center can care for all types of stroke patients, has a specialized ICU and allows 24/7 access to minimally-invasive catheter stroke procedures. Sherr and Khan helps encompass the full spectrum of stroke care — diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and education.

With Sherr and Khan serving at North Florida Regional Medical Center, patients can rest assured they will receive the benefits of their wisdom, extensive medical research and commitment to quality in all recommended treatments and procedures.

Neurosurgical Specialists of North Florida, where Sherr and Khan are now operating, is located on the campus of the North Florida Regional Medical Center, at 1121 NW 64th Terrace, Suite A, in Gainesville.

For more information on how Sherr and Khan can assist you, visit or call 352.331.3583.

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NFRMC has recently been certified as a comprehensive stroke center, the highest achievable level of the stroke care program.

Left to Right: Dr. Asif Khan, MD & Dr. Gregory T. Sherr, MD, MPH.


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