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Newmans Heating & Air: Combining Experience And the Latest Know-How

Newmans Heating & Air: Combining Experience And the Latest Know-How

Newmans Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. has a loyal following, with some customers staying with the company for decades.

“As a contractor’s wife, my expectations are high when requesting service and maintenance on my home,” said Nancy Perry, an area philanthropist whose late husband founded the contracting firm Charles Perry Partners Inc.

“Newmans delivers with timely, knowledgeable, friendly technicians,” Perry added.

Maintaining personal relationships with customers is the cornerstone of the business, said owner Ed Newmans.

Another loyal customer is Doug Wilcox, president of Scherer Construction of North Florida.

“We have always been pleased by Newmans’ quality, completeness and exemplary quality of work on each job,” Wilcox said.

Scherer subcontracted with Newmans for the new Swamp Head Brewery building, the North Central Florida YMCA expansion and Walgreens stores. 

Experience Meets Technology
Most of the Newmans’ technicians have more than a decade of experience.

The senior member of the group is Dwight Stokes, who came to Newmans when it acquired another company.

“Many people specifically request Dwight,” Newmans said. “They trust him so much that they don’t want anyone else servicing their unit.”

Experience helps in troubleshooting, Newmans said.

“If a unit fails on Thursday, we can have the right part installed immediately or by Friday,” he said.

“The wrong diagnosis could lead to ordering the wrong part and a home being without heating or air conditioning until Monday.”

Honesty has been essential in building loyalty, Newmans said, adding, “We don’t tolerate our technicians promoting unnecessary items that our customers don’t need.”

Newmans keeps abreast of new technology, including the increasingly popular mini-split heat pumps.

Mini splits employ relatively new high-efficiency technology that provides SEER ratings of up to 26, surpassing the 15 SEER maximum of traditional heat pumps. Each room has its own air handler, which eliminates the need for ductwork, making it possible to install the units in existing buildings that don’t have room for adding ducts.

Newmans installed mini splits at Trinity United Methodist Church in Gainesville.

“Church classrooms are great for mini splits because you can cool a single classroom instead of operating a whole wing of a building,” Newmans said.

The company also offers expertise in smart thermostats.

“A do-it-yourself smart thermostat generally only controls when a unit goes on and off,” Newmans said. “Programmable thermostats that match a unit can control multiple functions including fans’ speed and which rooms are being heated and cooled.”

Newmans advocates using a service contract with a checkup every fall and spring.

“It’s best to know your unit is in good shape before the heat of the summer hits,” he explained.

With a staff of 18, Newmans has his finger on the entire operation.

“Any customer can reach me, and I will make sure they’re satisfied,” he said.

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