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Maintaining the Balance: In vs. On

Maintaining the Balance: In vs. On

The growth of entrepreneurs and small businesses is critical to the continued development of our thriving community in Gainesville and the surrounding region. Successful entrepreneurs create jobs, contribute to the local economy and, specifically in our region, often bring innovative products and services to the forefront of industry. There are many key strategies to help entrepreneurs grow their business which help companies find resources and make connections. One of the most important strategies is maintaining the delicate balance of ‘In vs. On.’

Many entrepreneurs feel it is lonely at the top because in many ways, if it wasn’t for them, their business would either not exist or potentially fail, especially in the early stages. Many entrepreneurs feel the need to play an integral role and work in every facet of their business, so much so that the business doesn’t grow and occasionally heads in a direction contrary to the original vision of the entrepreneur. When this happens, the business struggles to survive and fails to develop because its leader, the one with the passion, motivation and vision to grow the business, is too busy working in their business, rather than on their business.

Working on your business is critical to growth and success because a small business is something that needs to be nurtured, constructively managed, and pro-actively marketed. Planning for detailed sales goals, employee assessments, tax preparation, and marketing ideas are just a few areas of constantly needed strategy, focus and development. It is imperative that business owners set aside time in their weekly schedules to make sure the business remains on track and in line with the ‘big picture.’

While working on your business is critical to growth, maintaining the “In vs. On” balance is critical to success. Entrepreneurs need to walk that line and figure out what allotment of time and expertise is best for their company. Unlike an exact recipe for making your favorite cookies, there is no perfect recipe for running a business, so strive to figure out what works for you. You don’t want to work on your business to the point where you become an aloof dreamer while your product fails, and you don’t want to work in your business so much that the business direction is lost and the micro-management of daily processes hinders your potential for growth.

Entrepreneurs may feel they are alone, but they aren’t. Gainesville and our regional economy are growing – rapidly, and entrepreneurial success plays a vital role in that growth. Utilize your fellow entrepreneurs and business owners, extract knowledge, and take advantage of the multitude of opportunities our local entrepreneurial ecosystem provides. There are many resources and organizations in Gainesville willing to help companies at all phases of growth.

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It is up to you to discover and maintain an effective ‘In vs. On’ balance that takes your business to the next level.

Staci-Ann Bertrand is the Business Opportunities Manager for the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce, located in Gainesville, Florida. Previously an entrepreneur herself, Staci manages a wide-range of resources for existing businesses and industries in the North Central Florida region in the Chamber’s Entrepreneur Resource Center. The Gainesville Chamber is a 5-star accredited chamber of commerce, ranking it in the top 1% of chambers of commerce nationwide. The Gainesville Chamber is the voice of business in the Gainesville area and offers its members the opportunities and resources for their businesses to be successful.

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