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Legal Profile – Patrice Boyes, P.A.

Legal Profile – Patrice Boyes, P.A.

To be successful in real estate law, you need to understand both the needs of the community and the client.

With more than 30 years of experience in real estate transactions, specifically in land-use and title law throughout the Gainesville area, Patrice Boyes, Esq., has an abundance of knowledge concerning her community’s needs.

“We help our clients understand the politics and the local community,” she said. “We help them with the complex issues of land financing and real estate and knitting all the details together.”

Boyes’ forte is working with a property owner or a developer to obtain permits and changes in zoning or city and county comprehensive plans — called entitlements — that make it possible to build new communities and businesses.

She believes her knowledge of both entitlements and transactions allow her to see the big picture on projects. By knowing what the development issues are likely to be, she can prevent a lot of problems before they even arise.

However, her work goes beyond preparing legal documents and making presentations to city and county commissions. The other aspect of her job is community relations, which involves making sure that the surrounding community understands her clients’ proposals.

“My goal is to be very transparent on behalf of clients, so I encourage them to be as forthcoming as possible with information about their projects and their plans,” she said.

In 1996, when the first “Traditional Neighborhood Development” plan in the City of Gainesville, Magnolia Parke, was in the approval stage, Boyes worked to educate elected officials and the community as a whole about a new approach to development.

“We try to do it right the first time. It’s much more cost-effective for the client,” she said.

Boyes is constantly learning and retooling her approach based on the varying needs of her clients as well as changes in the law.

Recently, Boyes has moved into estate planning, especially for clients who own a significant amount of property.

“You’re always learning something,” she said.

Dexter O’Steen, of construction company O’Steen Bros. Inc., has been a client of Boyes for over 10 years.

“She has a real great track record as far as representing people in land-use titles,” O’Steen said, adding that Boyes has been very helpful in guiding his company through various issues.

Bob Shires, the regional vice president of WCA Waste Corporation, is also a client of Boyes. Shires said that in the five years he has worked with Boyes, she has helped the company through several mediations, including a difficult issue involving a landfill in the region.

He concluded that he would recommend Boyes for any business issue.

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“She’s extremely professional, she’s very good at what she does, she’s cognizant of being available to me as a client and her costs are reasonable for the services she provides,” he said.

With her wide range of services, Boyes is determined to serve clients in multiple ways.

“When clients hire us, they have the benefit of 30 years in the community,” Boyes said.

Patrice Boyes has been involved in several community organizations, such as:

  • Investor, Council for Economic Outreach/Momentum 2015
  • Vice President, Sebastian Ferrero Foundation
  • Past Chair, City of Gainesville Historic Preservation Board
  • Past President, Historic Gainesville Inc.
  • Rotary International
  • ForVets, Inc.





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