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Know Your Neighbor: Dr. Brian K. Marchman

Know Your Neighbor: Dr. Brian K. Marchman

P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School Director and Superintendent Dr. Brian Marchman’s impressive career as a public-school educator can be traced back to a part-time job he had while he was a student at the University of Florida. Working as a camp counselor caused him to change both his undergraduate major and his professional aspirations.

Coming from five generations of educators, he was aware of the tremendous impact of teaching but did not plan on pursuing the same path. The formative experience at Gainesville’s Northwest Boys & Girls Club that summer provided the opportunity to see firsthand the rewards of helping young people learn.

Dr. Marchman’s interactions with campers sparked a desire to pursue a career as an educator in order to help students lead better lives and accomplish their goals. That summer, between his sophomore and junior year, laid the foundation for his future as an influential and admired teacher, principal, professor and administrator.


Innovations in K-12 Education


Today the quadruple-degree-holding Gator leads the University of Florida’s College of Education laboratory school, whose mission is to design, test and disseminate innovations in K-12 education. Their professional learning activities provide proof of concept for educators around the nation.


P.K. Yonge’s state of the art workshops focus on novel methods for a number of initiatives, from literacy and project-based learning to technology integration and student engagement.


As a public school funded by the Florida Department of Education, Dr. Marchman’s P.K. Yonge does not select students based on their academic merit. The K-12 institution strives to provide a well-rounded, high quality educational experience for all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, representing Florida’s racial and financial demographics. The student population is chosen by lottery and commutes from more than 30 surrounding cities and towns across North Central Florida.

Academic Excellence

P.K. Yonge has been recognized by US News & World Report and was listed in their annual review as one of the Best High Schools in 2022. They were ranked the top high school in Gainesville and number 65 in Florida.

In addition to the school’s academic achievements, Dr. Marchman is proud of how their diverse group of students come together to create a considerate and compassionate environment. They are focusing on a community-minded approach to develop the whole child.

“We care deeply about academic success, but also we also aim to develop kind, generous citizens that look out for each other,” Dr. Marchman said. “We develop our students to be respectful of the people around them and the world in which they live.”

The school’s vision for their students is that they become creative, dedicated and resilient learners who embrace the power of diverse ideas, talents and cultures to improve the world.


Visionary Leader


Dr. Marchman’s appointment as Director and Superintendent of P.K. Yonge in 2022 marked a full-circle return to the place that shaped his professional growth at the beginning of his career. A few years after graduating with degrees in political science and secondary education, he worked as a ninth-grade civics teacher at the laboratory school. He spent nearly a decade serving as a teacher and then as a middle school principal.


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The Tarpon Springs native went on to create the groundbreaking and award-winning virtual teaching internship program while a senior administrator at the Florida Virtual School. Later, as the Assistant Provost and Director of University of Florida’s Office of Distance Learning, he expanded the number of centrally-supported online programs by more than 100 percent. He has been inducted into Florida Blue Key in recognition of his service to the university.


In 2020, Dr. Marchman was awarded the Florida Distance Learning Association Visionary Award for Distinguished Leadership.


Educational Impact


Dr. Marchman’s list of accolades includes Teacher of the Year and Principal of the Year. As a married father of two, he brings a parent’s perspective to each of those roles. He and his wife Stephanie, an attorney and shareholder with GrayRobinson and member of The Florida Bar Board of Governors, are proud parents of their ninth grade daughter, Marina, and sixth grade son, Landon.

As the leader of a school that serves K-12, Dr. Marchman is honored to have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of students’ entire youth. He is especially invested in helping them discover what their passions are and what they care most about in life.

While many schools are facing growing teacher shortages, he strongly encourages others to consider the profession.

“Teaching remains a career in which you can truly make a tremendous impact,” Dr. Marchman said. “It’s really a difference making profession.”

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