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Innovators & Job Creators

Innovators & Job Creators

So much of the technology that is commonplace today grew from science fiction. As such, the jobs of tomorrow — many of them in advanced manufacturing– will come from the visionaries of today. Developing ideas into businesses, and businesses into industries, creates vibrant local economies and helps to enrich the global community.

Santa Fe College is committed to helping businesses grow in Alachua and Bradford counties, and has several business incubation programs to achieve that goal.

Housed in the Blount Center in downtown Gainesville is the Center for Innovation and Economic Development (CIED). This entrepreneur incubator serves early-stage startup businesses from a broad spectrum of sectors.

East Gainesville is home to the Gainesville Technology Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC).

The 30,000-square-foot building is owned by the city of Gainesville, but managed by the college. GTEC is designed to increase the number of service, technology and light manufacturing businesses in the Gainesville area.

The Bradford County Incubator, or BCI, is a joint venture between Santa Fe College and CareerSource of North Central Florida. Located in Starke, Florida, BCI offers an eight-week training program to aspiring entrepreneurs, and aims to provide proven models for increasing the economic potential of smaller counties–similar to Bradford–in north central Florida.

The Perry Center in Alachua focuses specifically on emerging technology. The center, which opened in 2009, is located in Progress Park, alongside a growing number of biotechnical companies. In addition to classroom learning, students at the Perry Center are interning at places like RTI Surgical, Nanotherapeutics and Axogen, where they obtain the real-world experience needed to enter the competitive biotech industry.

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Global Community

Santa Fe College offers students a variety of opportunities to study abroad, with programs in Brazil, the British Isles, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Jamaica, Spain and Portugal, South Africa and Sweden. Students take classes and are fully immersed in language and culture.

This year, students in the IT program will have an opportunity to study in Colombia with SENA (Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje). Biotechnology students will travel to Brazil to participate in a three-week biotechnology internship program at UNESP (Universidada Estadual Paulista, Julio de Mesquita Filho), one of the largest public universities in South America.

The 21st century workforce will have more global focus than ever before, and with so many opportunities for international studies and travels, Santa Fe College students will be well prepared for it.

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Learning Opportunities

Bachelor’s degrees

-Clinical Lab Science

-Industrial Biotechnology

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Associate degrees

-Business Entrepreneurship

-Biomedical Equipment Technology

-Biotechnology Laboratory Technology

-Chemical Technology


-Chemical Laboratory Specialist


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