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Extracurricular Fun for Kids

Extracurricular Fun for Kids

Extracurricular Fun for Kids


Extracurricular programs provide children of all ages with a safe and secure place to explore their passions, develop a new hobby, hone their skillsets and make new friends. The benefits are endless, and many options in Greater Gainesville accommodate various interests and schedules.


Studies frequently show that children who participate in extracurriculars see improvements across the board. They perform better academically, have a deeper sense of self, are more likely to be involved with their community and learn to build and maintain stronger relationships. (Plus, for hardworking parents, they are the perfect excuse to get the kids out of your hair for a bit.)



For the Mover and Shaker


For the kids who like to dance like nobody’s watching, GG has a range of programs to get them moving. IndepenDANCE Studio, Dance !nk by Davis and O2b Kids offer a wide variety of dance classes. Children will learn how to master dance styles while gaining confidence with the help of the tight-knit dance family. Classes start when the school day ends and are available for babies, tweens and teens. Also, check out Gainesville Circus Center, which also offers aerial classes.


Dance, swimming, martial arts, trampoline and tumbling are great ways for children to burn off energy and exercise after school. Sun County Sports Center offers it all. Their programs provide recreational classes for boys and girls ages five and up, with swimming lessons for all ages.


For the Brainiac


The Cade Museum offers a creative, innovative environment that stimulates young minds. Offering a multitude of weekly programs for

children of all ages, The Cade understands learning is exciting. Their Junior Inventor Night is the place for them to learn about science, technology, engineering, art and math in an engaging way.


The Codebotics program, featuring Dash robots from Wonder Workshop, teaches children in third through sixth grades about robotics and coding. Each week participants will learn and practice different coding concepts, working in teams to solve puzzles and challenges. At the end of the program, the teams will present their solutions and demonstrate all that they have learned.


Join the SwampBots at First Lego League High Springs for a fun way learn. Part of an international organization with over 2.5 million student participants, First Lego League introduces STEM concepts to children in a unique way by combining the complexity of STEM with the thrill of sports. Available to kindergarten through fourth grade students, the hands-on problem-solving program is free for Alachua County residents.


For the Artist


The arts are a beautiful outlet for children to express creativity and learn lifelong skills. The Academy of Music & Art offers music lessons, both instrumental and vocal, along with painting and drawing.


Star Center Theater offers programs, classes and workshops that allow children to participate in all aspects

of theatre production. The Star Youth children develop a sense of teamwork and pride in finishing something

they worked so hard for. The program, designed to educate both preschool and K–12 students, allows children to create and grow in the areas they like.

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Boys & Girls Clubs of Alachua County is committed to providing programs, experiences and initiatives that encourage imagination, creativity and building connections within their community. They offer classes and programs in four categories:

  • Visual Arts
    • Visual art is created and judged for its beauty and meaning. It may include painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, collage, mixed media, graphics or architecture.


  • Digital Arts
    • Two- or three-dimensional visual media that uses computers and other technology as an essential part of the creative process. This may include graphic design, animation, photography, movie making, Claymation, game design, music composition and digital illustration.


  • Performing Arts
    • Arts that involve public performance, including playing instruments, acting, singing or dancing. This also includes support roles, such as creating scenery, costumes, lighting and sound manipulation.


  • Applied Arts
    • Any art form that applies artistic design to functional objects. This includes industrial design, bookmaking, illustration, printmaking, jewelry making, woodworking, ceramics, fashion design, culinary arts, creative writing and commercial art.


Students can participate in the National Fine Arts Exhibit to showcase their hard work and new skills. This year-round program encourages artistic expression among Club members ages six to 18 through drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, mixed media and sculpture displayed at local and regional exhibits.



No two children are alike and in Greater Gainesville, there is an extracurricular activity to suit every youngster’s interest. Encouraging them to experience something new will only help them grow, achieve and, of course, have fun.

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