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Click to Connect – Online Success Strategies

Click to Connect – Online Success Strategies

In the movie “The Matrix,” the hero Neo had training programs downloaded directly into his mind, including the martial art of Kung Fu. In this science fiction story, Neo was able to acquire knowledge and abilities within a matter of seconds, giving him the skills he needed to survive and continue on the adventure.

Neo’s ability to learn what he needed to know WHEN he needed to know it was his key to success—as it is for us, as well. While we may not live in a time where knowledge is attained and absorbed quite as fast as in “The Matrix,” access to the targeted information we need for business success has never been easier.

To start, is an online resource that will help you quickly learn computer software and general business skills that can be applied immediately, as well as expand your skill set to prepare you for new opportunities and adventures.

Lynda is an online training library with high-quality video trainings, accessible from any computer and even mobile devices. The lessons are organized in such a way that you can quickly find the task you need to learn, without having to sit through a lengthy course. This is an incredibly useful feature, especially if you’re in a time-crunch.

The inspiration to write this article actually came from a recent experience, when I found myself under a deadline with unfamiliar software that I had to master immediately in order to succeed. Whenever I’d hit a roadblock, I’d watch a two- to three-minute video on the skill I needed, then immediately go back and apply what I had learned. It wasn’t Kung Fu, but it was exactly what I needed—when I needed it, and yes, I felt a bit like Neo.

Regardless of your career, or your experience, you’ll probably benefit from courses such as these:  LinkedIn Essential Training, Building Professional Connections and Effective Public Speaking.

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Lynda has training on an extensive list of software, with more than 300 business courses to choose from. Every course has chapters available for free viewing to give you an idea of the quality and content. If you could benefit from tutorials on the latest social media platforms, sales skills, or by simply mastering your e-mail program, Lynda is a resource worthy of your consideration.

While the demands on your time may not accommodate a full-time learning schedule, you can start the New Year like Neo and make quick, mobile and targeted learning part of your success strategy.

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