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City of Newberry/Jonesville

City of Newberry/Jonesville

West of Gainesville on Newberry Road, the city of Newberry’s growing community spans an approximate area of 55 square miles.

The city of Newberry is on the rise, with interest in the city rapidly increasing for its recreational facilities and opportunities as well as its charm and experiences. Businesses across Florida and the nation are also taking an interest in Newberry’s diverse mix of industries and access to a talented and valuable labor force. Newberry also recently opened a new outdoor amphitheater to draw crowds of around 30,000 for music festivals, electronic dance events, and assorted live experiences and performances!

Newberry’s Easton-Newberry Olympic Archery Center has put a spotlight on the town’s sports tourism. The Olympic training center trains athletes – Olympic, novice, and in-between – and its 16-field Champions Park hosts vast baseball tournaments for youth teams throughout the southeastern United States. The town also proudly boasts their Agri-Tech Park, a state-of-the-art collaborative research facility. The park will serve as a facility for leading research programs and entities such as the University of Florida’s Institute for Food and Agricultural Sciences to develop new technologies and incubate new agri-tech companies.

The city of Newberry’s Annual Watermelon Festival, held each May, is the longest running event of its kind in the United States, bringing in visitors from all of Central Florida. These visitors may enjoy the festival’s locally grown free watermelon, pageants, contests, games and more.

Adjacent to Newberry, the Town of Tioga in Jonesville is a modern community inspired by human “needs and desires” and the leisurely style of an old southern home. Tioga is a master planned community with its own Town Center shopping and dining district, offering events and gatherings like concert series and annual holiday festivals.

25440 Newberry Rd., Newberry, FL 32669
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