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Business Industry Spotlight: Biotech

Business Industry Spotlight: Biotech

Business Industry Spotlight: Biotech

Home to over 279,000 people, North Central Florida is one of the fastest-growing regions in the State.  One of the main contributors to the growth in the Greater Gainesville area is the abundance of jobs being created from biotechnology research spinning out of the University of Florida.

Biotechnology companies have had a significant impact on the infrastructure in the Greater Gainesville area. These companies have contributed to the local economy by creating jobs, encouraging investment and providing new growth opportunities.


  • Sid Martin – Global Incubator of the Year 3x (2013, 2017, 2020), first 3x winner (through
  • UF Innovate | Accelerate – $11 billion of invested capital
  • Average wage rate in 2021 at companies in Sid Martin and the Hub: $83,181
  • Total jobs at all former client companies with UF Innovate | Accelerate: 8,279
  • Current number of companies within Sid Martin: 16
  • Largest companies in Alachua: RTI Surgical (350+ jobs), National Resilience (300+ jobs), Thermo Fisher Scientific (280+ jobs)


According to David S. Wisener, Economic Development Manager for the City of Alachua, “The bio and life sciences sector is incredibly important to our community, providing a number of high-

quality jobs in an industry that is focused on improving health and saving lives.”

The presence of biotechnology companies in the area has spurred an increase in new businesses and attracted new talent. This influx of new companies has created demand for more housing, office space and other infrastructure, which in turn has led to an increase in construction and development throughout the Greater Gainesville area.

In addition to physical infrastructure, biotechnology companies have positively impacted the local economy in other ways. These companies have created jobs and increased the demand for skilled workers. This has a ripple effect on other businesses in the area, as more people are employed and have money to spend, which has resulted in increased consumer spending and a boost to the local economy.

Biotechnology companies have also been instrumental in attracting new investment to the area. Many of these companies have received investments from venture capital firms, which have provided additional capital for local businesses. This has resulted in increased investment in the area, leading to further economic growth.

Several programs and resources to support the growth of the biotech industry have developed in the region, such as UF Innovate | Accelerate and the Innovation Gainesville program. These programs provide resources and support to help entrepreneurs develop their ideas and products, as well as connecting them with investors and other resources.

Wisener said, “Thanks to the commitment UF Innovate | Accelerate has made in the Sid Martin Biotech Incubator, which has been integral in the development of more than 60 companies since 1994 and a central factor in the creation of over 1,200 jobs in the City of Alachua’s Progress District. In fact, 12 percent of all Florida biotech companies got their start with UF Innovate | Accelerate.”

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Biotech industry and incubators in the Greater Gainesville area:

  1. UF Innovate | Accelerate at the Hub: This cutting-edge incubator at the University of Florida helps entrepreneurs in the biotech industry access resources, funding, mentorship and space.
  2. UF Innovate | Accelerate Sid Martin Biotech Incubator: The Sid Martin Biotech Incubator is UF Innovate | Accelerate’s original incubator located in Progress Corporate Park in the City of Alachua. It provides resources, mentorship and space to entrepreneurs in the biotech industry in the Gainesville area.
  3. CIED: The Center for Innovation & Economic Development is located in downtown Gainesville in the new Blount Hall, offering resources and mentorship to entrepreneurs in the biotech industry.
  4. GTEC: Gainesville Technology Entrepreneurship Center: Santa Fe College offers business incubation services to support entrepreneurs and accelerate the success of local startup companies.
  5. Innovation District: This public-private partnership serves as an incubator for entrepreneurs in the biotech industry in the Gainesville area.
  6. Concept Companies: Concept Companies is currently building Momentum Labs, which will offer lab space and other resources for companies continuing the process of expansion.


Overall, the presence of biotechnology companies in the Greater Gainesville area has positively impacted the local infrastructure and economy. These companies have created jobs, attracted new investments, and provided additional opportunities for growth. This has resulted in an increase in construction, consumer spending, and new business opportunities throughout the area.


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