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Two words can sum up the business climate of Greater Gainesville: collaboration and leadership. The area’s companies, schools of higher learning and local officials work diligently to develop a healthy business climate.

Led by incubators like the Sid Martin Biotechnology Incubator and the Innovation Hub, Greater Gainesville has evolved into a region fueled by entrepreneurial drive.

Greater Gainesville not only helps startups flourish, but it is also a viable option for companies that want to relocate. The region draws businesses with its available and affordable land, organized municipalities and elements of cooperation, innovation, focus, growth mindset, vision and its highly educated workforce.

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When choosing a new home for a startup, or relocating a business, Greater Gainesville presents the opportunity to make an altruistic impact on the community. Business leaders shape the local economy by helping develop policy and encouraging smart growth.

Business is a part of the Greater Gainesville story that has only begun to crest the threshold of opportunity and innovation. There is a place at the table for new businesses and a welcoming network waiting to help your business succeed.

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