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Building a Workforce for the Future

Building a Workforce for the Future

UF graduates thousands of students each year, and the UF Career Resource Center works to make sure those with newly minted degrees are prepared and qualified to seamlessly enter the workforce.

At the career center, advisors help students build professional skills that will prepare them for life after graduation and a future career. Advisors offer a range of services including guiding students in choosing a major, perfecting a résumé and practicing for job interviews.

The Career Resource Center works with all 16 colleges, alumni and recruiters to find and facilitate connections between graduates and employers. The CRC hosts Career Showcase, an annual career fair attended by more than 8,000 students and 350 employers, where students can find potential jobs and internships without ever leaving campus.

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The Career Resource Center is currently undergoing renovations and expansions that are scheduled for completion in May 2018. Once completed, the 10,000-square-foot center will house even more facilities to serve students and industry partners including a library, conference rooms, interview rooms and an employer lounge.

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