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Bob Page: Business Consultant and Loan Advisor

Bob Page: Business Consultant and Loan Advisor

After 30 years of service as a community banker in Gainesville, Bob Page is now an independent business consultant and loan advisor looking to help local businesses grow, overcome challenges, and ultimately achieve success.

“There are so many challenges facing small business owners and they can’t be experts at everything,” Page said. “As a banker, I was giving them capital. Now, I am able to step back and give them independent advice and offer up best practice knowledge gained from working with other successful businesses.”

Growing up in the Barnett Bank network starting in 1983, Page has since been involved in the start-up process of two different local banks: Millennium Bank and most recently, Alarion Bank. That entrepreneurial spirit, according to Page, allows him to relate to business owners and in turn provide a wide array of specialized services.

As an independent consultant, Page has the freedom to be more critical and client-focused than he did in his role as a community banker.  According to Page, it is important for small business owners to have a whole support team surrounding them. Along with an accountant, attorney, personal banker and insurance agent, Page’s independent services are a key component to enhancing the team concept that will help local business owners make tough, informed decisions.

Page’s services include business reviews and comprehensive financial evaluation, cash flow problem solving and restructuring, property acquisition and debt refinancing, business efficiency solutions and CFO consulting services.

“During this recession, I saw that a lot of business owners had to get back down in the trenches, doing more work on the front line,” Page said. “For some of them, this created a need for a chief financial officer or partner that can offer an independent, overall view of their business and practices and then to develop and help execute a strategic plan for controlled growth.”

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Page’s services are unique in the Gainesville area, which is a market Page views as diverse and very accommodating to a variety of business models.

No matter if the business is a startup or has merely hit a snag or hurdle in a current project or process, Page strives to help local business owners feel “a sense of accomplishment from start to finish.”

“It is meaningful to watch clients succeed with the plans and processes we develop together and to continue to help them as new issues and challenges arise”, said Page. “The fun part in the end is seeing the business prosper.”

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