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Allen Law Firm: Insurance evaluations are just one aspect of this firm’s wide-ranging service.

Allen Law Firm: Insurance evaluations are just one aspect of this firm’s wide-ranging service.

The Allen Law Firm would rather see you sooner than later, and it’s making it convenient to do so. The personal injury law firm is offering free evaluations of insurance policies — for both individuals and businesses — to see if they provide adequate protection from uninsured motorists.

“Many people don’t have uninsured motorist coverage or don’t have an adequate amount of it,” said founding attorney Bill Allen.

Florida ranks fifth in the nation for uninsured motorists at 24 percent of drivers, according to the Insurance Research Council. Even among insured drivers, many have low liability coverage, which covers drivers they injure in accidents they cause.

“We see the consequences of being underinsured, so we’re in a good position to evaluate your coverage,” Allen said.

“Uninsured motorists coverage is the single most important auto insurance coverage available to protect you and your family in auto accidents,” he added.

The insurance evaluations are just one aspect of Allen Law’s wide-ranging service.

“When you’ve had an accident, we help you with all the things you have to do,” Allen said. “That includes arranging a rental car, ensuring your car repairs are done properly and negotiating the best value if your car is totaled.”

Allen Law is also dedicated to getting other forms of compensation.

“This ranges from getting claims paid while your case is proceeding to negotiating all bills and liens at the end of your case,” Allen said.

It’s important to call Allen Law as soon as an accident occurs, he said.

“We’re available 24/7,” he said. “We help our clients every step of the way and always tell them to just take care of getting better and we’ll take care of everything else.”

Allen and his team become a client’s advocate with insurance companies.

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“They want to pay as little as possible,” he said. “Our motive is (to) get what’s fair for our clients.”

At his law practice, Allen takes the same approach he took as a member of the Florida Gator football team.

“If you’re not aggressive, you’re going to get run over,” he said. “We even the playing field for our clients against the highly trained insurance companies and adjusters.”

Allen, along with fellow attorney Tom Copeland, are avid motorcyclists and want to make sure their motorcycle clients have adequate coverage, too, preferably before an accident.

Said Allen, “the whole approach of our firm is client care and helping people, and the first step is making sure everyone has adequate coverage.”

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