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Abstract Bodyworks Gainesville Life Without Weakness

Abstract Bodyworks Gainesville Life Without Weakness

Exercising is an essential aspect of good health and overall wellbeing. However, daily responsibilities, busy schedules and routines can often keep us from practicing this important activity that is frequently seen as tedious and time demanding.At Abstract Bodyworks Gainesville, Lindsey Zachow, Jeff Turner, and Stephen and Pat McKinnon offer a different perspective on traditional fitness training. Dedicated to helping their clients “live 15 years leaner, stronger and younger in as little as 15 minutes a week,” their goal is to make sure every workout is as efficient, safe and effective as possible.

“It may be hard to believe, but 15 minutes of proper exercise is more than enough,” said Zachow, co-owner and manager at Abstract Bodyworks Gainesville. “That’s because your body doesn’t respond to how much exercise you do; it responds to how demanding the exercise stimulus is.”

Founded four years ago, Abstract Bodyworks Gainesville is the local branch of Abstract Bodyworks, a 17-year-old fitness studio chain with locations in Washington as well as Newbury, England. Its model of “age defying exercise” is centered on slow and controlled resistance rather than time consuming workouts. By prioritizing recovery and rest, Abstract Bodyworks’ 15-minute routines are designed around helping clients gain lean muscle and increase their strength and bone density as well as decrease the risk of disease.

“We offer a program for Gainesville that allows clients to transform their lives without spending hours in a gym,” Zachow said. “We teach our clients how to train properly so they are maximizing their results while staying completely safe.” One of Abstract Bodyworks’ quintessential principles is to make the training environment as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Aiming to take away the intimidating atmosphere characteristic of larger and more crowded gyms, Abstract Bodyworks’ studio has no mirrors and no music, and training sessions are private and done in its entirety under the guidance of a certified Abstract professional.

While customers are primarily middleaged adults, the program is suited for every age group.

“We have clients as young as 16 and as old as 103,” Zachow said. “Our market is anyone who wants to improve their health, is crunched for time, doesn’t like the gym atmosphere or needs coaching through a workout.”

The most rewarding part of the Zachow said, is hearing about things clients accomplish after start training.

“Some things are as simple able to lift their leg high to get their pants on, to able to walk without their losing a hundred pounds, and getting their energy and their life back,” Zachow said.

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Besides providing training sessions, Abstract Bodyworks Gainesville also offers Synergie, a skin-tightening, cellulitereduction treatment. The painless treatment offers several benefits for the skin and body: It improves circulation, collagen production and detoxification.

Zachow hopes that in the future, the company will be able to apply the Abstract model of exercise throughout the state and beyond.

“We’re always looking to expand; we want to share our mission and our expertise with anyone we can,” Zachow said. “We want to help more clients in all walks of life find the health and fitness goals they want through proper exercise, without the guilt and burden of a typical gym program.”

Abstract Bodyworks Gainesville is located in Magnolia Parke Suite B 4936 NW 39TH Ave. Gainesville, Florida. 352-317-7211

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