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5 Steps to Volunteer Your Business

5 Steps to Volunteer Your Business

While it can be relatively informal to volunteer personal skills to a local charity on an individual basis, giving back from a corporate standpoint can be more of a commitment. Every business runs into questions and concerns regarding how to volunteer. Whether it’s the simple notion of how to give back, where to start or how much you can afford to give, here are a few considerations to help your company begin contributing to the community.



1 Assess your Professional Experience

Does your business focus on marketing? Accounting? Finance? Public Relations? Once you can assess the strong suits of your business, you can make a list of the areas in which your company would be most beneficial for a nonprofit or local charity. Whether it is writing, negotiating, leading or planning, any organization would be grateful to have your professional skills at hand.


2 Do Your Research

Now that you know HOW you can volunteer your skills, you need to figure out WHERE you would like to implement them. Research the surrounding charities and nonprofits in the community and make a list of those you think could benefit from your time and expertise.


3 Reach Out

Contact your chosen organization(s) and express your interests in volunteering with them. Discover what their needs are in order to see if your certain set of skills would be a good match. Devise a plan of action and present it to them. You should include:

When you can begin the project

When you expect to finish

What you hope to accomplish

See Also

What type of funds will be required for expenses


4 Set Aside the Time and DO IT

Once your plan is in stone, set aside a good time in your schedule to complete the project. Make sure you allot enough time to finish everything you have on your agenda.  Grab your colleagues and go out with an open mind and heart. The job may be messy, but the reward is greater. Build a home for a needy family. Help a charity promote their needs. Offer your finance services to a nonprofit. Ladle soup at a soup kitchen. Package and send out Christmas gifts to the less fortunate. There are multiple opportunities to serve in your community!


5 Reap the Benefits

Aside from a warm and full heart, volunteering can have a positive impact on not only the community but your business as well. Offering up your corporate talents builds a good reputation among the community and strengthens your team internally. When your employees are all equally working toward a common goal, they are automatically drawn closer together.

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