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Real Estate in Greater Gainesville

Real Estate in Greater Gainesville

TThe Greater Gainesville area covers nine municipalities across 194.3 square miles, with hundreds of additional miles worth of unincorporated communities – blending natural Florida landscapes and neighborhood living. There are a multitude of housing options ranging from homes to apartments to historic downtown homes, with around 50 percent of the total housing units in Alachua County being detached single-housing units.
Live, work and play communities are creating the planned urban spaces that blend the residential with the commercial. Between downtown and the University of Florida campus, development is vibrant. The new Power District development will be a mixed-use project between downtown and Depot Park, which is planned to include a mix of housing as well as attract tech companies, restaurants and other commercial development.

Greater Gainesville’s original live, work, play communities Haile Plantation Village and Town of Tioga continue to provide exceptional options for housing.

For those seeking acreage, the options abound. From one- to two-acre parcels in gated communities to farms in quiet Newberry, Archer or Alachua, there is a home for everyone.

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Greater Gainesville has abundant real estate resources to help interested buyers and renters. Now is the ideal time to relocate to Greater Gainesville.

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