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Why Greater Gainesville? Kathleen Joseph

Why Greater Gainesville? Kathleen Joseph

Kathleen Joseph
Owner, Kathleen Joseph & Associates, LLC
Came to Greater Gainesville in August 2002 when she started undergraduate studies at UF

What about Greater Gainesville stood out when comparing it to your other options?   

I knew I wanted to be a Gator due to the options that the University of Florida offered to me. I came from a high school in Pompano Beach, FL that stressed the importance of pursuing academic excellence after high school. When I learned about UF, and the programs that it offered to minority students, I knew that Gainesville would be the new home for me. I think the better question is what kept me in Gainesville after my studies. Toward the end of my undergraduate years, I really began to become involved with the Greater Gainesville community and continued this after I graduated and into today. What I found was people who were really invested in the betterment of this community while preserving the warmth and charm that makes Gainesville feel like home to me. I love that the citizens in this community are active and invested in social growth. I love that there are so many opportunities to create change. And I love that this community is responsive to the type of change that creates a better Gainesville for future generations.

What is something you wish you knew before moving here?  

I wish I had a better appreciation for college athletics before moving here! Growing up in a big city like Fort Lauderdale where professional sports are king, I didn’t get as much exposure to the magic of a college home team. Since moving to Gainesville and attending the University of Florida, I’ve really taken on what it means to be a Gator and am drawn to the passion of the Gator fans. It is great to be a Florida Gator!  

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Describe your ideal day in Greater Gainesville.     

A morning walk at the Sweetwater Wetlands Park followed by brunch with friends at Civilization. In the fall, staying home to watch a Florida football game with friends, and in the spring, going out to the O’Connell Center to watch a Women’s Basketball game with my Girls Place family followed by snacks and drinks at Mark’s Prime Steakhouse.    

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