Brinn Strange
Owner of Barre Forte

My husband and I moved to Gainesville in January of 2015 so that he could attend graduate school at UF, and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of Gator Nation! As soon as we moved here from Mississippi, we immediately fell in love with the Gainesville culture and community! Driving around town for the first time, I was struck by the activity going on all around — people were biking to work, running around the block, playing with their little ones at the park, and just enjoying being outside and active. Being triathletes, hikers and general fitness enthusiasts ourselves, it was obvious that Gainesville’s fit-minded culture would be the perfect place for us to call home.

Though still considered a “small town” by some, Gainesville stays up on the latest fitness trends, both at the university and around town — the only thing missing… a Barre studio. I am certified in a number of fitness formats, but Barre is my absolute favorite way to workout, and I felt called to bring this incredible workout to my new home. I am so excited to have the privilege of owning Gainesville’s first and premier Barre studio, Barre Forte. While trying out the free week of classes that we offer all new clients, our participants have expressed genuine excitement in trying something new, and having this format in Gainesville. Every day I get to meet new residents of Gainesville from all walks of life, all fitness levels and backgrounds, and it is truly a pleasure getting to know more about them as we build a fitness community together. Through accessible, functional movements, clients reach new fitness goals each class.

Barre — which blends Pilates core conditioning, yoga stretches, and ballet toning moves — is a unique full-body workout that creates long, lean muscles in a fun, motivating environment. Our well-trained instructors offer options to modify or advance each exercise to appeal to all fitness levels. Our classes are set to energizing, fast-paced music to keep clients moving, and I love hearing them share how much they enjoy finding a workout that “flies by” and that challenges them in new ways every day. Our studio also offers Les Mills BodyFlow, a beautiful combination of yoga, pilates and Tai Chi that is all choreographed to inspiring music to allow clients to find some zen in their busy days. Additionally, we have added Restorative Rolling to our schedule, which guides participants in a myofascial release, helping to improve flexibility while increasing muscle mobility and improving blood circulation.

Gainesville has quickly become our home, and we love getting involved with the Greater Gainesville community through donation-based classes at First Magnitude, the Freewheel Project and at our Barre Forte Studio. We are excited to bring Gainesville the best in Barre for years to come!

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