Greater Gainesville is far from a sleepy, small town. Small town qualities, however, such as a strong sense of community and caring for thy neighbor are ever-present within the area. Service and giving back are cornerstones of the community and contribute to a better quality of life in Greater Gainesville. When individuals are serving to improve the whole, everyone benefits.

Whether involvement is in a non-profit or a house of worship, taking action is always one step away.

There are hundreds of charities and non-profits that rely on volunteers and community giving to make a difference. Greater Gainesville is a higher-than-average volunteering community.

There are over 500 houses of worship in greater Gainesville. Faith, for some, shapes their quality of life.

The heart of Florida has many attributes that make it a top choice for retirees and families. The cost of living, access to health care and diverse cultural and recreational offerings make it a top contender when the question of quality of life is on the table.


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