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Life in Gainesville

Life in Gainesville

“Our move to Gainesville in the summer of 2015 was driven not just by our career goals to really impact science and promote a more expansive learning environment, but also to shift our family’s immediate focus from our hectic life with long commutes in the DC metro area to now a beautiful, natural and collegial college town and community. We’ve loved the transition professionally but, best of all, our family is now nestled into our next chapter with new friends, closer to family and a whole new town to discover. We’re simply ecstatic that our kids are thriving in their new school, neighborhood and overall community. We love the ability to drive a couple hours to the beach or stay in town to enjoy the weekend markets, natural wonders, team sporting events, art festivals, great and rapidly expanding restaurants or our own garden and backyard. Oh, and we have to mention our much better commutes and improved cost of living. We were drawn to Gainesville to take our next steps professionally, but more importantly, for the quality of life Gainesville offers; our whole family is better off for it!”
Ms. Evangeline Tsibris Cummings, Assistant Provost and Director of UF Online, and Dr. Derek Cummings, Professor of Biology

“Our family is excited to have joined the University of Florida and become a part of the Gainesville community. We love college towns, and we especially love SEC towns. It’s fun to discover new and unique things about Gainesville each day, and feel the energy that is created by the town and university feeding off one another.”
Scott Stricklin, UF Athletic Director

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“Gainesville truly is a special place. It’s not often that you find this perfect combination of access to natural resources and the innovation and scholarship that takes place at an institution like the University of Florida. It creates such a dynamic environment, where you feel empowered to not only connect with the outdoors, but to truly chase your dreams. It really is having access to all Florida has to offer.”
Nicole Stedman, Professor of Agricultural Education and Communication and Chair of the UF Faculty Senate

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